New members

Have you ever thought about joining a local Amnesty group but were not sure what they do and what kind of people are members? Well now is your chance to informally meet a member of the Islington and Hackney Group and find out more about us. We would be delighted to meet you.

If you want you can:

1) come to a standard monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.

2) come to a special meeting for new members only – if you are interested in such an event please contact


10 Responses

  1. Hi There

    I would like to find out some more information about joining this my local group. Is there a new members meeting come up anytime soon.

    How many members are there currently in the group? I have seen some of your current activities but it would be good to know which areas you are lacking in and where I could help.

    Many thanks


  2. when is the next meeting? I’m interested in getting invovled and live in Islington, Hugh Williamson

  3. Hi there
    I would like to join the group, when and where is the next meeting?


    • hi there the next meeting is this Wednesday 8/6.

      if you any more info just say

  4. Why does this page not run anymore? Please reply asap, thanks.

    • Hi Eva,

      Apologies, this has been updated now. It would be great to see you at a meeting if you can make it – our next one is 11th June but they are always the second Wednesday of the month, at the Human Rights Action Centre.

      With best wishes,

  5. Hi, Do you still hold regular monthly meetings?


    • Hi Caroline,

      Yes we do! We meet on the second Wednesday of every month, so we are meeting tonight, at 7pm, at the Human Rights Action Centre on New Inn Yard. Do come along – new members are always very welcome!


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